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Anne Middleton, Writer in Residence shares a short story for 'Be Happy, Be Safe' Week - Fri 12 Feb 2016

As part of our week our Writer in Residence, Anne Middleton wrote a story titled ‘Piggy and Woof Learn to Stay Safe’. All classes had a visit from storyteller Anne who shared her new short story in person. If you want to read ‘Piggy and Woof Learn to Stay Safe’ or take a look at many of the other free short stories on Anne’s website go to

‘Piggy and Woof Learn to Stay Safe’ – Notes for Parents and Carers to accompany the story
It is a good idea to be aware of the risks that children out alone might face just to check that you’ve considered ways to minimise them. ‘Stranger danger’ is just one of those risks and teaching a child how to respond in a dangerous situation or how to manage their own ‘uncomfortable feelings’ about a situation will help them to recognise behaviour that is not acceptable or has made them feel unsafe.
Keeping a child safe is more than just physical safety it also involves supporting a child to look after their emotional and mental well-being. Sometimes it is awkward to talk about some subjects so practical advice can be found on websites such as
Linked to the theme of this short story the NSPCC website includes practical advice about when your child’s old enough to be out on their own and how to teach them to keep safe while they’re away from home.
It is really important to talk about the ways your child can keep themselves safe and discussing how they can do so when out with you is a really good way of doing this e.g. road safety, what to do if a stranger starts talking to them or if another child starts to bully them or make them feel uncomfortable.
Anne Middleton can be contacted via her website, address is given above.

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